Why You Should Put Your Money Where CSP’s Mouth Is

Financial Reasons to Retain CSP

By Molly O’Brien – Trust Coordinator

Choosing an agency to help you create your family is one of the most important decisions that a couple can make.  Not only is it a huge personal decision, but surrogacy is an expensive undertaking.  The best thing a couple can do is choose an agency that offers them the most for their money and prepares them for the financial aspects that a couple may not even realize exist.  Agencies sometimes can manipulate the costs so they look cheaper than any other agency.  CSP has chosen and continues to choose to be honest about costs.  Do your homework and make an Excel spreadsheet of costs that are included and those that are not.  Being informed helps you make the best decisions.

The biggest surprise that I hear from couples in our program is that other agencies were not honest with them about the costs.  In other words, the cost projections the couple received to “reel them in” were not realistic.  Often times those projections did not include all of the surrogate mother’s information.  For example, a client came to us with a cost sheet from another agency.  The agency based their costs on a surrogate mother who was a stay at home mom, had her own medical insurance that covers surrogacy 100%, and had zero additional childcare costs.  This scenario is unlikely, if not impossible.  A surrogate mother who does not work, provides her own childcare for her children.  Therefore, at the very least her “maternity leave” would require childcare assistance.  The cost of childcare is often the same as lost wages, as well.  So this couple was deceived by an unrealistic hypothetical surrogate mother, and that estimated cost of deception would be $3,000 to $6,000.

Next, the couple was deceived by the way the agency presented the insurance.  Many agencies do not review surrogate mother insurance.  Furthermore, the lion’s share of insurance policies do not cover maternity 100%.  All insurance policies have a “maximum annual out of pocket” which is the yearly ceiling of charges a member would have to pay.  This couple was not told about this cost which this surrogate would likely have attached to her.  This deception is estimated at $4,000.

Of course there are numerous other ways other agencies can present financial information to get a couple to work with them.  There are the medical costs for screening, the medical costs for the IVF, and the monitoring, legal fees, psychological aspects that are not disclosed or discussed.  Had this couple worked with that agency, they would have been sorely surprised about all of these costs that would pop up along the way.

The point is this: at CSP you pay for an agency to use their experience to teach you what you need to know so this process can be smooth and you can enjoy your journey to parenthood.  I personally prepare the cost sheets for my surrogate mothers and I evaluate their paystubs, their spouse’s paystubs, and their childcare situation.  Furthermore, all insurance policies are evaluated by an independent attorney.  When you are presented with a surrogate mother in our program you can rest assured that all bases are covered.  CSP has been doing this for over 30 years. We use that expertise to best equip our couples for the journey.

Financial Line Item CSP Other Agency Notes
Administrative fee to open trust account (sometimes called an “escrow set up fee”) $0.00 $1000 – $3,000 CSP includes this fee in our professional fees, you are not charged separately.
Charge per check $0.00 $25.00/check What this means is that each check someone writes from your account costs you $25.00. With a routine pregnancy, including pregnancy fees, average expenses prior t o pregnancy and medical costs this could be $2,500.  Typically, a minimum of 100 checks are written over the span of a typical pregnancy.
Lost Wages At least 8-10 days (for pre transfer medical appointments and 6-8 weeks of maternity leave) Agency does not usually budget for these wages What we see with many other agencies is that they do not ask for lost wages until their surrogate mother is farther along in the pregnancy.  Rather than telling you first that these are anticipated costs, the other agency “holds you hostage” once you are already pregnant.
Medical Costs for Transfer $4,000-$10,000 for your surrogate. Agency does not account for The average cost for an IVF cycle is $18,000 to $22,0000

About CSP, Inc.
The Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CSP) is a world-renowned surrogate parenting program with offices in Encino, California, and Annap

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